"The object of nature is man, the object of man is style." Theo Van Doesburg

de Stijl, Modern Architecture, Piet Mondrian, Theo van Doesburg, Gerrit Rietveld, Georges van Tongerloo, rectilinear geometry, Plastic Order, Bart van der Leck, new society, Utopian, Futurist, abstract art, abstraction, quest for harmony and order, spare, abstract style straight lines, right angles, pure primary colors (blue, red, and yellow), and the  non-colors of black, gray, and white

radical abstractionist          nonrepresentational                      non representational art, non representational artists, non-representational artists, non objective abstract art, abstract art
non objective,                        contemporary abstract art            harmonious unity of opposites, simple, perfectly balanced, pure composition, Néo-plasticisme, constructiviste, Constructive Universalism, Neue Sachlichkeit
non objective art                   asymmetric construction               planes of color, equivalence, Mondriaan, reductionist style